Superbike Race Preview

It is that time of the year again, after all the training, practice and sacrifice, where riders and teams hope that all the preparations finally pay off. The glory of the podium beckons.

There is a provisional 8 rider grid as at time of writing. Could there be a possibility of wildcard entries this year. Watch this space.

Qualifying had a different format this year. Unlike the two flying laps used in the previous years, we had a single flying lap. This writer prefers the current method. Comparing the times between 2018 and 2019 requires we took an average of the two flying laps in 2018 and compared with the lap times this year. The lap times have dropped some more. Depending on who you ask, the gains are as a result of riders having more confidence, better machinery, data analysis etc.

They say in life change is constant, same applies in motorcycle racing. There were a few movements for the calendar year. CC Racing signed Amstrong, formerly of Inferno Racing.

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Riders had a smaller window to set qualifying times as this year had only two sessions unlike last year where there were we had three. David Brown of CC racing is on provisional pole with a time of 1:08:17 which is just over five seconds of the pole time set by Gbenga last year. Argo, JD and Gbenga qualified in P2, P3, and P4 respectively. All going under the benchmark time of 1:13:10.

2019 quali.jpg

There will most likely be a reshuffle of the grid as three riders are yet to qualify – Babatunde, Tayo and Ibukun. They will all have a chance to post times come Friday. it must be said that it looks very unlikely that David will be off pole position come Saturday morning.

The Battle of the Champions Part 2 failed to live up to its billing as only three of the eight riders completing the race. We are hoping for more exciting race with the next installment. No pressure guys.

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