Provisional Race Schedule

Less than a week to the much anticipated race week and the provisional schedule has been made available.

The change worth noting this year is the number of laps for both races. It is definitely more than the 15 laps that was run in 2018.  We hear between 18 and 20 laps. The effect on the riders especially the superbike category is tire wear and of course the physical demand especially as the race is in the afternoon.

Tentative Schedule for the RACE Week & Weekend for The BT/RoadX 2019 Championship FINALS @motorsportraceway, Evbuobanosa, Near Abudu, Edo State. Nigeria.

The MRE will officially reopen on Wednesday 27th November 2019 for The BT/RoadX 2019 Practice Sessions/ Championship Finals.

Morning Practice Sessions:
7AM – 12Noon.
Afternoon Practice Sessions:12noon – 5PM.

Wednesday 27th November
Morning – Car Practice
Afternoon – Bike Practice

Thursday 28th November
Morning – Bike Practice
Afternoon- Car Practice

Friday 29th November
Morning – Car Practice (RoadX RACE Day 5)
Afternoon – Bike Practice

Saturday 30th November

11AM – Supercar Race
12Noon – RoadX Car Race 6
2PM – The BT 600cc Supersport RACE
3PM – The BT 1000cc Superbike RACE
4PM – Podium Ceremonies
5PM – The BT/RoadX Awards
6PM – End of Race Day

10PM – After Race BBQ/Bonfire/Pool Party. BYOB.

Fore more enquiries, please call 08066164453.

See your Trackside!!!

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