Meet JD

NM: Can you introduce yourself to the folks that are not familiar with
JD: I’m Josiah yashim with race initials JD49, known as JD a father
of two and a Automobile technician

NM: This is the first purpose built race track in Nigeria, perhaps West
Africa even, do you think the Nigerian people and to a larger extent, the
west African people are ready to embrace Motorsports.
JD: Yes, because it takes away and discourages racing on our highways
and it also offers more opportunities for investors as well encourages
the development of tourism, technical expertise and shows Nigerians
what racing is all about.

NM: When did you decide you want to race bikes and so far, has there been
any regret.
JD: I’ve grown into a family of motorcycle riders and you can say I
wanted to ride and eventually race motorbikes from birth and so far
I’m getting there.

NM: What was the experience like on track last year?
JD: hmmm, it was so exciting and I was happy to be one of the racers
opportuned to grace the MRE for the first time since the last race of
2016 in Uronigbe. I had problems with my race bike (A GSXR1000) and
also suffered from problems associated with a new tire set as well as
brake pads. But, I had to race as I have had 2 DNS and DNFs to my name
in previous races. I am now confident that I can do much better on a
great bike in the best team, 24-7 RACING Team.

NM: You are one of five racers for 24-7 racing, it must be quite
competitive in the paddock, how you do all get along?
JD: The racers and other crew members are very very understanding as
we all now want to push ourselves together for the team and i am
excited about what we all achieve and also I will wish to be with all
of them for as long as possible and to help push the team to better

NM: You are potentially one of two racers for the team in the 1000cc
category, are you both allowed to race unhindered or there is an agreement
in the team to cede position to the fastest rider?
JD: I do not know much about this arrangement as there are people
who decide all that but I know that we are racing for the team
unhindered and we both have designated bikes and our respective posts
and duties to work together in achieving.

NM: Q1 proved to be quite a day for you. You finished 3rd on the day. How
do you plan to improve on that in subsequent qualifiers
JD: Yea, far more better result than we hoped for, we have worked
step by step in improving our lap time and I hope I can and know that I
will continue to make steady improvements.

NM: What will you consider improvement this year in terms of performance
JD: We have highlighted points I need to work on and knowing that I need to cut down on my weight and to also get more familiar with myrace bike on and off the track.

NM: Would you say you are more familiar with the track now,
JD: Well, I will say not too well yet but we are working on it.

NM: What does your preparation for track day consist of typically?
JD: Working on both physical safety and gear safety checks and the
machine I am using.

NM: What can the fans expect from you and the team this year.
JD: A Good position on the grid and the best I can give.

NM: Lastly, What message do you have to young and potential racers in
JD: Keep on the racing spirit and always be a good sportsman or woman.

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