Motorsport Raceway

This 2.1 Kilometer track located at Km 32, Benin-Agbor highway, Evbuobanosa, Edo State which is about one (1) hour away from the heart of the ancient town of Benin city. The track has come at a time where motorcycling as a sport is gradually sipping into the consciousness of the Nigerian people. While it is still very much an alternative sports, seeing riders on superbikes popularly known as ‘Powerbike’ in this part of the world is very much mainstream especially in the Southern parts of the country.

The track is not a particularly a fast one, it has four (4) right corners and six (6) left hand corners. It does not have any fast flowing curves either and the hairpin makes it that much slower. You will hardly have a need for the sixth gear coming on this track. Carrying corner speed is all the more essential here. As a result, there is a barest minimum of a high impact crash except on the straights. Overtaking is particularly exciting as the track is pretty narrow, it must be timed to perfection as speed alone will not be sufficient here. T1 and T10 are probably the most difficult turns to overtake but not impossible. The importance of the racing line of the rider cannot be over emphasized on this track.

Aerial View

Currently, there is work around putting kerbs along the entire track which should make hitting the apex all the much safer without the riders worrying of climbing over dust/sand/gravel.

Considering where we were a few years ago, we commend the vision and the work of the organizer in bringing this track to life. But this is only the beginning of this journey. We can all agree that we still have quite a long journey ahead to make this facility bigger and better. Things like an Ambulance, a well stocked medical center with capable hands, well separated paddock for racing teams and much more are only the beginning.

Private investors are welcome to make this facility a truly great experience for all looking for a dose of racing. The current facility is currently on 40 acres and there is an additional 90 acres left for development. Imagine what can go on there, stalls for vendors, a Hotel, another track even. The possibilities are endless.

Getting to the track has also been made easier as there


The track was commissioned in 2017. The inaugural GP weekend started Free practice on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 then qualifying on Friday, November 24th and the race day Saturday, November 25th. The inaugural winners of the 12 lap race which spanned a total of 25.2 kilometers were Ahmed and Jack in the 600 and 1000 categories respectively.

There has been a slight increase in the number of participants in 2018 which has brought about a different format to the calendar schedule. There are now Three (3) qualifiers; February, May and August held before race day in November, |All sessions, qualifying and the race and held every last Saturday of the aforementioned months. Each qualifying weekend is preceded by two (2) days of free practice. The ten (10) fastest in each category then qualify for the race. Grid positions are based on the qualifying times across all qualifiers. Riders are not mandated to attend all three (3) qualifying sessions. A rider can attend at least one session.

The organizers also recognize the need to ensure safety for all on track so there are a few mandatory requirements; riders must have full racing gear before they get on track, bike should pass a minimum safety test (no oil leaks, no sharp objects sticking out of machine and rider. They are currently working to ensure that all riders are insured before competing and much more. The spectators watch the race from behind a fence to ensure that they are not too close to the track to avoid any accident.

Currently, on qualifying and race day, there are a few stalls that spring up that give spectators the opportunity to buy food, drinks (non alcoholic) and some riding gear and accesories.

Since its inception last year, the track has organised BT qualifying and race, Roadx and cycling. There are plans to hold a speed skating event in the not too distant future.

Qualifying weekends are free to the entire general public while race weekend has an affordable admission fee.

Do you and your family/friends want to race without all the attention from onlookers, fret not because the facilities are open for private sessions as well, at a cost obviously.

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