Meet Blow

We catch up with ‘BLOW’, a member of ERMC, former Road captain and an adventurer but mostly a speed junkie

See interview after the cut


NM: Can you introduce yourself to the folks that are not familiar with you.
Blow: “My name is Ikhide Izokpu, popularly known as BLOW”

NM: You are no stranger to going fast on the streets but how does it compare to the track though?
Blow: “lol. Track is a sane environment, gives us an opportunity to push.”

NM: You are one of the few Nigerian racers that raced on the closed circuit and the dedicated race track. Which was your favorite?
Blow: “hmm, the closed circuit gives you more rush as there is a probability of an obstacle. #crossinggoat. lol. It was an approximate 33km of hard racing. You had an opportunity to throttle lock, it was a fast closed circuit road race. On the other hand, the dedicated race track is slow and has more corners. As I type, I prefer the dedicated race track.”

NM: You raced on the liter bike at Urhonigbe, in fact you finished second runner up in 2015, why did you go down the class at the track?
Blow: “The dedicated race track is a slow track, you cant extract the potentials of a litre bike on the straights. So I decided to have fun pushing the 600cc, for a bit. I will still race the litre bikes.”

Blow visor down.jpg

NM: You finished second runner up at the BT last year but it seemed you struggled to keep pace with the leading duo. What happened there?
Blow: “Oh…had clutch fibre issues, hence slow performance of the bike which translated to my overall performance at the race.”

NM: CC Racing eh? How did that come about?
Blow: “hmmm….oh well, not much there is to it. I was asked to join the team….and I did.”

NM: What are the expectations of the team this year season?
Blow: “We (CC Racing) have potentials, we will try to give the Motorsports fan a good outing and off course a podium finish for all the racers.”

NM: The number of competitors in the 600cc has increased by two with the likelihood of more arriving during the next qualifiers, is there any pressure to ensure you qualify for the race?
Blow: “Qualifying is not the issue, its standing on the highest platform on the podium that bothers me. That’s were the pressure is.”

NM: You are currently the third fastest from Q1, what will you consider an ideal starting position come race day considering the strength of the grid?
Blow: “Depending on how the grid is setup (will the fastest qualifying time be on the left or the right side of the grid?)….that will determine my preferred start point. Either ways, its 1st or second pole.”

NM: From the data collected in Q1, what section of the track are you loosing the most time to your rivals and why do you think that is?
Blow: “35% of the track…..but my Achilles heel is turn 3. The track was slippery when we raced last year, I am still recovering from the several close calls. The track is much better now, we should close in on the 35% and exploit our potentials come November.”

NM: What section of the track plays to the strength of you and your bike?
Blow: “Turn 4 and the hair pin.”

NM: What will you consider improvement this year in terms of performance from last year?
Blow: “What can I possibly reach out for…..The Champion BT 2018 600cc category.”

NM: Let’s talk motorcycle clubs for a bit. It seems that ERMC and A41 are filled with speed junkies. In your club, we had three (I think) representatives last year only behind A41. Coincidence or you all just love speed?
Blow: “ha ha ha ha ha!!! Coincidence!”

NM: What can the fans expect from you and the team this year?
Blow: “Fans should expect a good outing from the team. We will keep you standing all through the race with so much anxiety and expectations.”

NM: Thank you for your time. All the best.
Blow: “Thank you”

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