Meet Lolzzz

Meet Lolu Tenabe better known as Lolzz in the biking community. She talks to us about the difference between street and track.

See the interview after the cut

NM: Can you introduce yourself to the folks that are not familiar with you?
Lolzz: “My name is Mosinmilolu Tenabe, most people call me Lolzz or Lolu.”
NM: This is the first purpose built race track in Nigeria, perhaps West Africa even, do you think the Nigerian people and to a larger extent, the west African people are ready to embrace Motorsports.
Lolzz: “I think it’s long overdue, although there are still a lot of things to put in place .. I am sure it will keep improving.
NM: It is an open secret you are one of the faster female street riders in the country. So it was a bit surprising you were conspicuously absent last year. Any reason why you sat it out? 
Lolzz: “(I) had my hands full and couldn’t make it.”

NM: How has the transition from street to tracking riding been so far?
Lolzz: “amazing to be honest… where all you need to worry about is the tarmac, your bike and your skills… not worrying about one driver popping out of nowhere … being able to push as hard as you can without the fear of unexpected.”
NM: You were one of four female racers to compete during the qualifiers in February, how does it feel participating in a male dominated sport and holding your own quite well if I might add.
Lolzz: “(It)felt good… was hoping to do better than I did though… oh well .. fingers crossed.”
NM: Do you think a separate race for ladies would be more ideal or you prefer the combined race.
Lolzz: “I don’t think gender should come into this, never heard of that anywhere else either, it really has nothing to do with your physical prowess… you either have it or you don’t.”

NM: It was your first time on the track and unsurprisingly, there is quite a bit of catching up to do, how do you plan on closing the gap between you and the top three riders in the 600cc class?
Lolzz: “a whole lot of practice.”
NM: The race is quite demanding both physically and mentally, how do you prepare for that? Keeping fit and keeping your mind sharp and alert. 
Lolzz: “(I have) been hitting the gym a lot lately … hopefully I will be in superb shape when the time is right.”
NM: Are you running a stock factory bike or there are mods planned to increase performance of the bike?
Lolzz: “running a stock factory bike.”
Exiting Pitlane 
NM: What is the target for Lolzz and CC racing in the Supersport (600cc) category this season?
Lolzz: “nothing but the podium.”
NM: Will you be attending the remaining qualifiers or you are confident you can secure a position on the grid with your current lap time?

Lolzz: “I will definitely attempt another one hoping to make better time.”

NM: A number of riders were concerned about the state of the track – quite a bit of gravel, dust, how much of an effect did this have on your performance in Q1?

Lolzz: “lol, took a long time to get comfortable with the debris, not like I did eventually but figured a way around it as everyone else did. Praying the track would be much better by my next visit.”

NM: Lastly, What message do you have to young and potential female racers in Nigeria.
Lolzz: “if you want to … please go ahead, just make sure you get the proper training, the right gear and the right state of mind. Never ever compromise on safety.” 
NM: Thank you for our time, we wish you all the best this season.
Lolzz: “thanks a lot.”

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