The BT 2017 600cc Race Report


Winner, Ahmed
The Cool Kid

Alpacino wins the BT SuperSport Race.

Saturday, November 25 2017 was a historic day. The first race on the very first dedicated race track in Nigeria took place.

And the winner of the first race on the dedicated race track is AHMED. He successfully defended his 600cc title. In his three seasons of racing, he has been on the podium thrice. The first year, 2015 on a Suzuki GSXR 750, on the Kawasaki ZX6r in 2016 and this year, on a Honda CBR 600cc.

Days prior, the racers had a feel of the track during free practice and qualifying. Ahmed Alpacino of Gremansi racing team as expected setting the pace all weekend. He was simply untouchable. Even a crash during practice was not enough to stop the “Cool Kid”.


The race started and ended in the position they qualified in with Ahmed (Honda CBR 600cc) in P1, Badblood (Kawasaki ZX6r) in P2, Blow (Kawasaki ZX6) in P3, Isa in P4 (Honda CBR 600cc)and finally Dot -the only female race (KTM Duke 390) in P5. It must be noted that this bike is nothing compared to the 600cc on the straights.

The riders had a good start off the line, but by Turn 5 Ahmed had already put a couple of bike lengths between him and Badblood and it only increased in the subsequent laps. His race was so emphatic that he lapped everyone but his teammate before the race was over.

Badblood was the surprise rider on the grid, with this being his first attempt at racing.  Blow, who finished as second runner up in the 1000cc category in 2015 edition on a Honda Fireblade, was also an intriguing presence on the grid.

While Ahmed rode into the distance with ease, Badblood was pushing as hard as he could to put daylight between him and Blow. It was surprising that Blow was carrying so little speed throughout the race. Blow later told us that he had a clutch issue.

The BT 2017 1000cc Race Report

Isa and Dot traded places for a few laps. Dot was stronger in the last two sectors (Turn 6 through Turn 10) only for the Honda CBR to overtake on the start finish straight. It was obvious that Isa was very uncomfortable around the corners while Dot had no such weakness. She took him on the inside and outside of turns, as long as she saw an opening, she tried to take it and poor old Isa was unable to do anything to stop it. After a couple of laps where Isa passed her effortlessly on the start finish straight, Dot gave up it seemed. Rather unfortunate as he was there for the taking.

While the race further enhanced Ahmed’s reputation as the king of the 600cc class, it leaves us pondering if he will have a closer challenger(s) in the next couple of editions. The highlight of the race was watching Isa and Dot duke (pun intended) it out around the track.


Rider of the day has to go to Badblood. In his rookie season, he was the only rider that was not lapped by the champion. He also set the fastest ever lap on the circuit on lap seven. Special mention to the champion for making the race look so simple. He showed that making the transition from closed road racing to track racing was almost effortless.

Race Results

  1. Ahmed Alpacino     Honda CBR 600cc
  2. Badblood                  Kawasaki Zx6r
  3. Blow                           Kawasaki Zx6
  4. Isa                               Honda CBR 600cc
  5. Dot                              KTM Duke 390cc

Fastest Lap: 1:19:73 (Badblood) 2017

Track record: 1:19:73 (Badblood) 2017

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